Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crisis Week

We talked about family crisis and stresses that can occur within a family structure. I have seen and been through some of the stresses we discussed in class. Crisis (the word) has many meanings but Brother Williams brought up the fact that in the Chinese culture the symbols for the word Crisis show the symbol for danger and opportunity together. What does that mean, danger and opportunity together meaning crisis. For me, it means that everyone is going to have an opportunity for many crisis' in their lifetime. Some are going to encounter serious heartbreaking problems that can crumble the family, others depending on how they handle, think and respond to the crisis will pull through better people. This however is easy to sit and write about, to actually be in the middle and see the light is a skill or blessing that one prays to obtain. I believe that some troubles we are only able to bare with the help of the Holy Ghost, or divine help. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us, I know that as his children he will help us. I look at some families and wonder why they have been called to go through such trials. I only know this, I can not understand all of Gods divine plans for us, life is short, it is a testing period for us to show what kind of people we really are, it will be hard and it will seem unfair at times. It is also the most glorious adventure we could imagine, we fought for our short time here. Crisis will come, it can make us strong, gives us perspective and allows the spirit to teach us. I pray for the perspective needed to take the crisis that will come and turn them into an incredible opportunity of learning.

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