Saturday, November 19, 2011

Communication...studies show that we communicate more with our actions than our words. In fact our actions are speaking so loudly some might not even hear our words. How do we communicate? 14% is communicated by words, 35% by tone and 51% by our actions or Non-verbally. How does this apply to family and marriage? Different families communicate in different ways. However, kindness is universal. The following is a list of ideas on how better to communicate in a family:
Be a good listener.

Accept other members of the family as they are.

Confide in parents and other family members.

Care about the interests of other family members.

Be affectionate.

Give sincere compliments and approval.

Keep confidences shared with you.

Help to create a good environment for communication.

This week I am going to a better communicator. I am going to begin with giving sincere compliments and approval. I will make an effort to have my actions and my words communicate what I am trying to say.

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