Friday, October 7, 2011

This week we talked about cultures. We also talked about social class and the influences on families in particular. I have always disliked that we as humans put ourselves in class or groups. I understand why we do it, it is comfortable and accepting. The real truth is that social class affects families. Studies show that lower income/educated persons are more likely to have children before marriage, divorce if they do marry and have more partners than those of higher education income counterparts. These studies have shown the unsettling feelings that continue from one generation to the next as these patterns are pasted along.
We also touched on the different cultures within families themselves. We all have rules and patterns in which we have grown to be comfortable with. I liked the in class discussion about Bro. Williams "norms" in his family and then when he married and found a different set of "norms" in his spouse. His examples were funny,however I can see the sadness that can come if you find that a pattern in a spouse is not so funny and lives and expectations are altered. That is why I am so thankful I married an incredibly kind man. Although who can really say what "norm" is, right?!

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