Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 6

This week we looked at why people cohabitate rather than marry. We looked at studies that show this is not a successful way to build a relation. We learned of reasons why people choose to cohabit and not get married. We talked about successful dating and the reasons people choose their mates. The 3 P's in both dating and marriage. It was fun to learn that studies have shown it takes about 3 months of dating to learn the "real" personality of a person. We talked about the different types of love.

I think an important part of our in class discussion is that Brother Williams doesn't try to solve every problem that is discussed or tell his opinion. He is very respectful and does a great job on his comments back to the students. That to me is a great counselor.
This is a picture my daughters, Hailey, Kassie and Mindy. They helped with my family metaphor project. Our family as a banana split! Thanks guys I love ya!

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